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    Thank you kindly for the reply! I do already have those documents and that info. In fact I am almost done with a full 3D avatar. The import process is proving a bit tricky. I have been in contact with the FaceRig support team to get through it, but it is a slow going process.

    Regardless, what I am asking around for is collaboration and trade of information with others going through this process. This is mostly aimed at fellow community peers who may want to trade experiences and formulate answers outside of what the FaceRig team is able to spend time on. Once I get a successful avatar of notable quality and complexity in the program, I intend to write a more comprehensive guide to “how to” than those documents the FaceRig team provided. They are simply not adequate for the majority of people who are attempting this feat. Though I am sure we are all very greatful for the opportunity to be able to design our own content in the first place!

    Again, thank you very much for the reply!

    Anybody besides forum moderators out there still working on an avatar of their own?



    Just wanted to check out there and see how many others are attempting to make full 3D avatars for Facerig from the user community. I am checking on as many message boards and forums as I can to collaborate with other users. I have not seen much recent activity anywhere on this.




    Here is the necessary info on how to make a 3D avatar
    I would also suggest to check our 3D community on our Steam page as well



    Hi, have you had any success Achroyier? I’m giving it a go but finding the workflow a little hard to get started on.



    Hi every one,

    Any one succeeded in importing the full body character int facerig.

    As such, I am also trying to do so with very little success.

    right now my import process is completed but there are some errors pop up while doing the import and when i select my custom avatar in facerig, it crashes with a warning.

    Any one facing the same issue?

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    Hello, Naresh, we’ve replied to your e-mail with a few suggestions and indications that we hope will help you out. If you’ve any more questions, don’t hesitate to reply back to the e-mail.

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