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    So in facerig when you want to change to a different skin you just tab over from default to the next and the next and so on.

    Well I being someone who makes skins gets asked by others why can’t I have my own tab instead of taking over an existing texture?

    I do find it kind of silly that if they want to us a different skin they have to install it every time they want to change, it would just be nicer if I could have the information on how to add a skin to it’s own tab instead of taking over one like “Custom”. Then I could have them use the installer once and all the skins would be available to choose for that character.
    Is this something we could be allowed please? it would make things so much easier.


    And on a side note, would it be possible to get an updated zip with the existing .tga files for all the new characters?
    I would get them myself from the .arc file, but I have no idea what program was used to archive those together. Believe me, I’ve tried all of the ones I could find available on the internet.

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