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Holotech Studios SRL is a Romanian Indie start-up, created by a few game development veterans.
Its maiden product is FaceRig.

FaceRig is a software that allows anyone to embody and animate outstanding real time CG character portraits via motion capture from a sensor stream or via direct pupeteeringcontrols.
It is meant to become a cross-platform, open, accessible real time digital actor framework for home or business use.

FaceRig has three versions:

FaceRig Classic is the base version of FaceRig, which allows for home non-profit use and even limited monetization on YouTube/Twitch or similar as long as the commercial aspect of it is not significant.
We consider commercially significant using it on any avenue (channel) that produces you more than $500 monthly revenue.
This includes ad-based revenue and voluntary donations (one time or recurrent such as a Patreon).
If you are under this threshold you can use Classic, if you are above you need to upgrade to Pro or Studio.
FaceRig Classic has launched on the Steam digital distribution service on 7th of July 2015. Prior to this it was available as a Beta via the SteamEarly Access program starting with August 29 2014.

– FaceRig Pro is a DLC for the Classic version, it allows you to monetize videos on YouTube/Twitch regardless of the monthly revenue, but not for content exclusive to paid/subscription based services, such as the new YouTube Red (for content that is exclusive to YouTube Red or similar you will need FaceRig Studio).
FaceRig Pro does not bring new assets, technical features or improvements to FaceRig Classic.

FaceRig Studio is a professional software which enables anyone to digitally embody CGI characters using different motion tracking sensors. The output can be streamed in real time, saved as a movie or exported as .fbx animation. It is meant to be an open creation platform so everybody can make their own characters, backgrounds or props and import them into FaceRig Studio.

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