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Manually Re-installing FaceRig Redistributables

For those of you who, for whatever reason, want to manually install the FaceRig redistributables : you can find the install kits of the redistributables in the following folders. Remember that these are normally auto installed by the Steam installer service when you install FaceRig so only tinker with these if you know what you are doing :D.

Microsoft Redistributables

Other redistributables/prerequisites

The order in which the Xiph codec pack and webm codecs are manually installed matters on some configurations (normally Install Xiph first, then webm). If you install them in the wrong order webm video export may not function correctly ( you need to simply uninstall them and change the re-install order).

Also for the drivers, please pick the version that is appropriate for your os version : _win7 for Windows7, or _win8 for Windows 8, 8.1 or 10

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