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Set a custom picture background

This guide describes the steps to set a custom picture or a uniform color on the background in FaceRig.

Customizing background color from sliders

  • Go to Avatar and Background Chooser on the menu on the right. Select Background Custom Picture

  • Go to Background Customization on the menu on the right

  • Select Light Tuning tab, click Dsky Color. Select a color with Color Picker or sliders

Customize background image in 10 steps

  • Choose an image file that you want to set it as a background in FaceRig.  If you want to set a uniform color, create a image file colored in your desired color (with bucket tool for example) with a size of 64×64 pixels. The supported image formats are: JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, TGA, DDS.

  • Make sure the path and filename do not contain any whitespaces. If your image file is JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, you can skip to next step. If your image file is TGA or DDS, FaceRig needs the image files to be placed in some custom paths: \Documents\Holotech\FaceRig\AdditionalData\Backgrounds, or in your FaceRig install directory at this path: FaceRig\Mod\VP\PC_CustomData\ FaceRig\Mod\VP\PC\ (for running on dx9) and FaceRig\Mod\VP\PC_dx11\ (for running on dx11). You can create a folder here, let’s say.. CustomBackgrounds. So, copy your image file in FaceRig\Mod\VP\PC\CustomBackgrounds\mybackground.tga (on dx9) and FaceRig\Mod\VP\PC_dx11\CustomBackgrounds\mybackground.tga (on dx11).

  • Open FaceRig

  • Go to the right side menu bar and click on Environments

  • Select “Background Custom Picture”background and load it (it is the second background from the second row, under the “FaceRig Forest” background; to find it easier, look for its rectangle icon)

  • Go to the Customization tab

  • Inside the Customization tab, go to Backdrop

  • Select Custom 2d Backdrop from the list and click the Browse button

  • From the open file dialog, select the image file you saved earlier.

  • Congrats! You loaded your picture on the background! Play more with your background by moving 2D picture translate and 2D picture scale sliders

  • If you want your picture to be set by default on Background Custom Picture you must have the Autosave feature switched on in General Options > Preferences > General.

steamworkshop_webupload_previewfile_306872241_preview (1)       steamworkshop_webupload_previewfile_306872241_preview

Adding a new background item in Environments gallery

  • !NOTE! For this method you need to have FaceRig installed in a path without whitespaces. You can change this by creating a new Steam Library in a path without whitespaces and install FaceRig there.

  • Go to [FaceRig_install_folder]\Bin\Tools\ImportWizardNew\. Run ImportWizard.exe

  • Choose Backgrounds Importer

  • Fill all fields with the info needed

    • The background name text should not contain any whitespaces

    • The background icon should be a PNG file with a dimension of 256×256

  • Click Import. If no error is reported your item should be found in Environments gallery after FaceRig restart.

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