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Functions and Helpers

The timeline editor supports a set of editing and mixing functions and helpers:

Blending curves

The blending curves can be adjusted on each performance/audio item from a dedicated editor. The editor can be reached by right clicking the performance/audio item.


FaceRig Performance
The editor allows the user to change the weight of the current performance in the final result, where 0% means it will not affect at all and 100% means that the system will try to keep 100% of the animation info of this item in the resulted animation frame.

The editor allows the user to change the volume of the audio item.

Split function

Any item (performance/audio) can be split into two or more parts. This can be done by changing to Split mode (Edit > Split) and hitting the spot where the split should happen.

Crop function

Any item (performance/audio) can be cropped by changing the size of the item on the track.

Avatar and Backgrounds

Avatars and backgrounds, and their respective customization and behavior options can be changed from the timeline editor by hitting the FaceRig Items top bar option.

Compress / Dilate item

Any item can be compressed / dilated in order to be resized to a particular duration. In the image below we are dilating a camera animation called “moveLeftRight” to 135% of its original size, starting from the mark 0:00.00 up to 0:10.016, which, in this case represents the original start and end of the animation. We can optionally selected different start and end points of the selected item.
In this case we also get a yellow warning which tells us that all the items to the right of the selected item will be shifted to the right in order to make room for our item which will be now of a larger size than before (from 10 seconds to 13.5).



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