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Camera Switchboard

The camera switchboard is a type of interval track. Interval tracks have properties delimited by interval markers. Active cameras are changed between interval markers. By default there is no active camera but once a camera animation is dropped in the timeline, a camera track will automatically be created and be set as the active camera track.

The camera switchboard enables you to set up the active camera track. When the interval marker has no fade zone, the camera switches instantly to the other camera track, also called a camera cut. If the second interval (which points to another camera track) has no camera animation on its track, then it just switches to the default avatar camera.

If the fade zone is non-zero, a linear interpolation of all properties of a camera (position, rotation, etc.) will be made across the fade interval. If the target track doesn’t have a camera animation, it will blend with the default camera.

The Camera Switchboard supports a set of actions. Right clicking the switchboard track will prompt the following options:
Add Interval – adds an interval to the right or left of the currently selected interval
Delete Interval To – removes the interval to the right or to the left of the currently selected interval
Add Crossfade – creates a cross fade zone of 1 second (can also be customized by dragging the margin)
Remove Track – removes the track binding for the currently selected interval.
Assign Track – assigns a camera track to the currently selected interval.

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