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General Options- Preferences


Updated General Options - Preferences

A. Preferences/ General

  • Hide logo toggle the FaceRig logo ON/OFF

  • Autosave toggle autosave for avatars settings ON/OFF

  • Use LipSync On KeyPress toggle Lipsync on keypress ON/OFF. When on, pressing H will enable lipsync. Enabling this will disable the ability to manually activate lipsync.

  • Enable Hooked Keys toggle hooked keys ON/OFF to be able to send the shortcut keys to FaceRig while focusing a different window.

  • Hide webcam feed while broadcasting toggle is ON by default, so now when the Toggle Broadcast button is also ON your PiP windown will cycle only between to states: “No Feed” and “Small Feed” ensuring you won’t stream yourself by mistake.

  • Swap Stream Colors toggle ON/OFF if you are having issues with weird color distortion on your webcam feed.

  • Use attract mode ON/OFF will enable or disable attract mode videos being loaded after 2 minutes of the tracker being inactive/not detecting a face.

  • Use Toggle Separate Window will enable a new window where you can see your avatar.

  • You have the ability to select where your Screenshots will be saved.

  • You can flip the video from the output of the FaceRig Virtual Cam.

  • You can Flip your Stream which can be seen from any software that uses FaceRig Vistual Camera, not from the application itself.

  • You can also Delay your Screenshot. If you chose 0 then no delay will be added.

B. Parental controls.

  • This tab lets you enable┬áParental controls. Enter the passcode, set the rating (mature/teen/everyone) and toggle it ON/OFF, the press Apply.

C. Key Bindings.

  • This tab lets you assign shortcut keys to various features/actions. All actions have a predefined shortcut key but you can modify it and you can also Reset All Keys to Default.

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