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General Options-Sounds

RUI genop sounds

To achieve perfect sync between the lipsync (lip movements and actual sound, you should adjust the delay)
The Silence Threshold (Noise Gate threshold) needs to be adjusted based on how much and loud the
background noise is in the room where FaceRig will be used. The closer it is to the left side, the more
background sounds it will catch and therefore the lipsync will be buggy, but it can’t be too much to the right
side either as then it might not clearly hear what you are saying. One way to adjust this is by using Auto
Enabling Sound Loopback will let you hear the sound from your microphone or the modified sound if you’re
using Voice Effects.
When using this option be mindful of the audio feedback phenomenon. To avoid it, start with a very low
microphone volume and a very low speaker volume (also a headset with a noise canceling microphone may
be preferable to speakers when using FaceRig). Allows the user to hear what the microphone is recording
(the actual input for the program). This will help you figure out what environment sounds interfere with the
lipsync and how well your voice is actually heard.

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