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This menu lets you select your avatar, customize it and add props to it.
First, select the avatar you wish to use by clicking on its thumbnail.
If you wish to customize your avatar, go to the Customization tab (right next to the Avatar Gallery tab.) In the
Colors subtab, you can select the colors you want for each of the avatar features (eyes, skin, fur, other body
parts etc.). Proceeding to the Features subtab will allow you to scale body parts to make them smaller or
bigger. All avatars are customizable at a certain level, but customization features may vary from avatar to
avatar and from skin to skin (the Custom skin on every avatar has the most customization options).
Note that at any time during your customization process you can click the Reset to Defaults button if
you wish to start over.

RUI avatars

Avatar Gallery
Each avatar has a title (avatar name), listed on the blue bar, and a thumbnail. Each avatar has one or more
skins, which you can browse by clicking the arrow buttons under its name.
To load an avatar, simply click the thumbnail once.
The search bar above the avatar names bar allows you to search through the avatars by inputting one or
more characters. If string is present in the avatar name(s), the avatar name(s) will appear on the left side of
the title bar, in a scrollable menu. In addition to this, the thumbnails will be filtered to match the search result.
To cancel the search (unfiltered results), delete the string in the search bar.
Avatar Customization only available in the Advanced Interface
To customize the avatar’s colors the first thing you need to do is choose the Custom skin from the
Choose Avatar and Background menu.
After the Custom skin is selected, just go to the Customization tab and play around with different
colors and features.


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