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Avatars- Props

Are only available in the Advanced Interface
The Props tab allows you to customize the avatars by adding props. Props can be virtually placed anywhere
in the proximity and on the avatar. First you need to select a base location, this is done by attaching the prop
to a bone in the model’s skeleton (clicking the Attach button), then fine tune the props position relative to its
current one using either the position sliders, either by free move feature (the Prop move option) which allows
moving and rotating the prop just like the avatar (the Alt + mouse control scheme).

RUI avatars props

To customize the prop placement you have the following options under the Prop Skin drop down menu:
Scale: Scales the prop
Yaw: Rotates the prop around the yaw axis
Roll: Rotates the prop around the roll axis
Pitch: Rotates the prop around the pitch axis
Position X: Moves the prop on the X axis
Position Y: Moves the prop on the Y axis
Position Z: Moves the prop on the Z axis

To reset the changes just press the Reset to Default button.
To remove the prop, click Remove.
You can add multiple props.

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