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Avatars- Customization

Is only available in the Advanced Interface
To customize the avatar’s colors the first thing you need to do is choose the Custom skin from the
Choose Avatar and Background menu.
After the Custom skin is selected, just go to the Customization tab and play around with different
colors and features.

I. Color only available in the Advanced Interface

RUI avatars customizations
The Color tab allows you to change the colors on the avatar based on what masks are available. The
masks dictate the fur, eye, clothes, etc color patterns. Everybody can make their custom masks and import
them, but the custom skin also comes with a default mask. Mask customization (importing a custom mask)
is available only on the Custom skin of the Avatar.
Each avatar has different parts that can be customized, for example fur, skin, hair, accessories, etc.
The easiest way to choose a color is by adjusting the slider and positioning the pointer on the color board;
additionally, you can input the color code.

Once you get the avatar to look the way you want it to, you can save the template by using the
Save Options button in the corner right part of the Color window. The template will be saved in a FaceRig
specific format and can be loaded at any time by using the Load Options button that is placed on the left of
the Save Options.

II. Features only available in the Advanced Interface

RUI avatars features

The Features tab allows you to change the physical features of the avatars. The option in this tab differ
depending on the avatar.
The different features that can be changed from this tab are: ears, eyes, nose, head, mouth or eye pupil

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