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Avatars- Behaviour

Is only available in the Advanced Interface

RUI avatars behaviour

Enable custom actions will enable tongue, hands and other special actions control, letting you use your
mouse or keyboard to make your avatar stick out its tongue, raise its hands in various directions.

RUI avatars behaviour tongue RUI avatars behaviour puff

If you choose to control it via keyboard you can customize the keys that drive the different possible
tongue movements (tongue out, tongue left, tongue right, tongue up, tongue down). You can do this in the
Key bindings tab in General options> Preferences>Key Bindings.
Another option to control your avatar is using the mouse buttons and you will need to enable
Choose Show Custom Actions Panel found in Avatar Gallery > Behaviour> Show Custom Actions Panel.
By clicking the smile faces you can now move the Avatar’s hands, puff the cheeks, stick out the
tongue and for some avatars if you see + symbol, you can also activate the Special Poses. Remember that
after you close the Custom Actions Panel from X, if you want to use this again you will need to activate it

RUI avatars behaviour actions
The Look at Camera Ratio option will keep your avatar’s pupils pointed at the camera at all times
when set to max value (slider all the way to the right), disabling eye pupi l tracking and eye pupi l
puppeteering (posing.) If set to minimum, the avatar will try to mimic your eye movement very accurately
(some errors might result from low/improper lighting in this case)

Toggling “enable tracked blink” ON will cause the blinking eye motions to be tracked. Toggling it off will cause FaceRig to no longer trigger a blink
animation in the avatar when the user blinks (blink tracking disabled).

Toggling “Enable Auto Blink” ON, will cause your avatar to automatically blink at certain intervals (to appear
natural) even when not tracking your face. The Auto blink Behavior and Pupil Behavior sliders will adjust how often the avatar blinks automatically and
how much the pupils blink. They have 3 levels: tired, normal and alert.

Enable Cross Eyes will do exactly what it says will disable or enable the Cross eyes behavior in avatars.
While cross eyes is a fun feature to have, be advised that any small tracking error can be interpreted to
trigger that animation, making the avatar look odd. Feature should be used as “fun”/”experimental”.

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