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Advanced Tracking Calibration- Trackers

FaceRig can run multiple trackers at the same time( ex. you can run the ULSee Facial Tracker with a hands tracker ). Each sensor is usually used in conjunction with a different SDK provided by the vendors, which means that for each tracker there will be additional prerequisites installed on the system. Each sensor support is available as separate DLC (for now we have the RealSense Camera and the Leap Motion *free* DLCs), please read the minimum requirements of each dlc/sensor before trying to install on your system. As of now FaceRig has support for 4 different trackers:
ULSee (base app) – Rigid Head and Face Expression Tracking working on any RGB camera
Voice Tracker (base app) – Audio based lips tracker working with audio input
RealSense (dlc) – Hands, Rigid Head and Face Tracking (note that it also detects puffed cheeks and tongue out expressions) working only with the RealSense Camera
Leap Motion (dlc) – Hands tracking that works only with the Leap Motion Sensor


– overall stats: number of running trackers, total cpu usage, maximum time spent on CPU by a tracker.
– “Add Tracker” drop down. The drop down will be populated only if the DLCs are installed.
– the list of currently running trackers that you can Pause/Play and Remove.
– each tracker has a set of modules that influence the avatar’s animations. The modules are the tracking info that make it to the avatar.
– you can view each sensor feed (either transfer it to the main feed, either add another)
– the webcam device can now be changed only from the Trackers tab
– the Expressions tab from the Advanced Tracking Configuration dialog only affects the ULSee tracker values. We are considering in adding extra tracking configuration options for the other trackers too.

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