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Create your own Custom FaceRig Character

Awesome folks,

To create your own custom FaceRig 3D avatar you need to respect the requirements from our documentation.

You can find all the necessary documentation using this direct link:

We’ve also made a Step-by-step Tutorial showcasing our process and highlighting the importer specific parts:


NOTE: This video is a GUIDE that walks you through the steps of creating and importing a custom model into FaceRig. This is not a 3D art tutorial per se. You can find loads of tutorials online for every single 3D art step shown here. During the course of the guide we will point out certain FaceRig specific settings that must not be omitted .

We’ve added Chibi Theo in FaceRig Classic. And created a skin for him so you guys can test it through the importer (:

You can find the files for Chibiborg here:

Another example can be found here:

We’ve added a New Custom Model Import Wizard ( tool for modders) 😀

This should help content creators as it provides a lot more transparency, control and feedback for the entire custom model import process. You can find this tool in :

[Steam library folder ] FaceRig\Bin\Tools\ImportWizardNew”
[Steam library folder ] FaceRig\Bin\Tools\ImportWizardNew\HowToUseImportWizard.pdf”

Note that the old one is still available. Both importers will run in parallel.
However the old importer tool isn’t supported anymore and the documentation for the old importer isn’t available anymore.

The main difference between the new and old importer is the way it handles animations.
The old version relies on certain bone names and specific animation relations that could not be updated with ease. The new importer tool requires animations as FaceRig needs them but it gives the liberty to choose the bone hierarchy. It also enables us to keep up to date the features exposed to the community artists.

The data will mainly require collada and targa files. The big difference with this new version is that it is organized differently.

How to use the importer wizard:

If you have any questions, you can contact us at artsupport[at]holotech[dot]eu

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