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Body and pose

Please check this tutorial for best calibration results:


 Neutral Pose:

At start, when detecting a new face or when doing a tracker reset, FaceRig asks for a neutral pose confirmation.
Getting a good neutral pose is crucial for good tracking and mouth retargetting.
Please make sure the user is positioned facing the camera with their head looking straight ahead (preferably adjust the camera to fit their height by lowering/lifting it) with their eyes open, looking at the camera, lips in neutral position (not smiling or making a “sad face”), eyebrows in neutral position (not frowning or doing the “surprised look” expression).

Head Orientation

For best results, please make sure that the user’s head is properly framed by using the web
camera control feed. For a good expression “read”(best results) the user should not turn more
than 30 degrees from directly facing the camera


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