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button avatars basic ui

– activated by pressing the Avatar button

avatars basic ui

Each avatar has a title(avatar name), listed on the blue bar, and a thumbnail.
Each avatar has one or more skins. Clicking on the icons under the avatar icon will select the avatar skin.
To load an avatar, simply click the thumbnail once and it will load the desired avatar.
The search bar above the avatar names bar allows you to search through the avatars by inputting one
or more characters. If string is present in the avatar name(s), the avatar name(s) will appear on the
left side of the title bar, in a scrollable menu.
In addition to this, the gallery thumbnails will be filtered to match the search result. To cancel the
search (unfiltered results), delete the string in the search bar.
Some avatars have the option to toggle Animated or Retargeted, signaling that it’s animation atomics
based or retargeting based


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