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Export performance as movie

This button lets you export movie from a performance file (*.rpl) . To do so, select the desired
Resolution, Frame Rate, Video Quality, Bitrate Type, whether you wish for the export to done frame by
frame (this will save a *.bmp file for each of the video frames) and Browse to select the *.rpl file you wish to
export from. Then click Export!
Record Performance and Export Movie are merged into one single button in the Basic Ui
Pressing the button 1st time will display the window where the user selects the filename and path where
they wish for the recording to be saved.

Pressing the buttons a 2nd time will stop stop the recording process.
1. Record Performance. When you are done recording, just press
Record Performance button again.
2. Export Performance as Movie . Choose the .rpl file (saved performance file) you like to export
3. Pick the desired framerate

fullUI eport as movie 1
4.Choose the export quality (low/medium/high)

fullUI eport as movie 2

5.Choose the desired codec
6. Choose the export file path by clicking browse and going to the desired location and picking a
file name
7. When you are all set with the options, just click export.
8. To view the .webm file, we suggest using VLC Player, though it should work with any other
video player.

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