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Is only available in the Advanced Interface.

fullUI broadcast

When selected (toggled ON) it will let FaceRig broadcast via Skype, Twitch, etc. through the
FaceRig Virtual Cam.



How to use with online chat programs:

● Go to Advanced UI
● Toggle Broadcast ON
● In any online chat program go to Settings then Video Options
● Select FaceRig Virtual Camera
● Save.

If you do not see FaceRig Virtual Camera available then you will need to install it.
You will need to have both FaceRig and the online chat program closed. To install the virtual webcam go to
<steam install directory>\steamapps\common\FaceRig\Bin\prerequisites\FaceVirtualCamDriver.
Right Click on the installer for your system.
If you have Windows 10 then install the Windows 8 webcam driver. Restart your PC then try again FaceRig with
the desired online chat application.
In order to use FaceRig with any online webchat program, you first need to have both programs opened and
While streaming, it will show the same image you are seeing, minus the interface.

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